"Smart IGNOU Hackathon-2020"


In order to promote a culture of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking among young minds, IGNOU is organizing the event Smart IGNOU Hackathon-2020 as an internal Hackathon for its students. The Hackathon at IGNOU is being held from January 17-20, 2020 to find innovative solutions for the problems provided by the MHRD for Smart India Hackathon-2020. A total of 15 teams registered for IGNOU Hackathon out of which nine teams have participated. The teams are working on various socially relevant problems including Healthcare and Biomedical Devices, Automated Transaction System, Farming and Agriculture, Safety App for Women, Web Enabled Solution for Nutritional Problems among Women and Children, Drones, Robotics, Security and Surveillance. Based on their work and performance, six teams will be selected and will be nominated to participate at the National level in the Smart India Hackathon-2020 to be organized by the MHRD and AICTE.

The event is designed to provide an opportunity to the distance learners of IGNOU to receive guidance from the experts on their proposed solutions for the problems. The students will now work for two days to find out solutions for the selected problems at their end. The final presentation of the solution developed will be made by them on January 20, 2020 from 10.00 AM onwards.