Yogi Adityanath Calls For Uniform Education System In Country

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday advocated for uniform education system across the country saying it will bring social equality.
"Education is the most effective tool for social equality. This is possible only when there is uniform education for everyone. If it is uniform, the children who will pursue it will also be equal. Thus, uniform education is the biggest challenge in the entire country today," he said.

The CM was speaking at the ''School Summit'' programme organised here.

Stating that education is the basic need, he said various boards and institutions have to prepare uniform and quality courses in the interest of the society and the nation.

"It should be uniform in the whole country. For this, meaningful initiative is needed to build consensus in all states," the chief minister stressed.

This work cannot be made possible through government initiatives alone, he added.

"Institutions related to the field of education will have to actively participate in it. Everyone will have to prepare such courses in which the knowledge along with the values and the practical knowledge of self-reliance can be given according to the ability and interest of the student. This work has to be done as a mission," he said.

Attacking the Samajwadi Party, Adityanath said the level of education had reached its lowest level during its government in the state.

"The cheating mafia took contracts to pass the children in the examination during the SP regime. The children, who used unfair means used to clear the exams with good marks while talented ones had to suffer," said the CM.

When BJP came to power in March 2017, the state government launched special campaigns like ''Operation Kayakalp'' for radical change in the field of education, he said.

"Under Operation Kayakalp, public representatives, government officials and the corporate sector have brought more than 90,000 schools out of 1,58,000 Basic Education Council schools, at par with convent schools. Children are being educated through smart classes," he added.