MHRD tweaks circular in favour of ad hoc teachers

A day after Delhi University teachers stormed the Vice-Chancellor’s office demanding absorption of over 4,500 ad hoc teachers, senior UGC and MHRD officials held a meeting with V-C Yogesh Tyagi. It was decided that all ad hoc teachers shall continue working, and that shortlisting criteria for assistant professorship shall be tweaked in favour of ad hoc teachers.

It was decided that DU’s August 28 circular shall be amended and “colleges/institutes shall fill up permanent vacancies before the start of the next academic session without fail. During the interim, if vacancies have to be filled…, adhoc/temporary/contract guest faculty can be appointed”.

After around 500 teachers stayed overnight at the V-C’s office, a meeting was held between the V-C and the UGC chairman and secretary, and senior officials of the UGC and MHRD.

The unrest began when the university sent out a letter to all its constituent colleges on August 28, advising them to “fill up permanent vacancies at the earliest.” It stated that “till permanent appointments are made, colleges may appoint guest faculty, against new vacancies arising first time in academic session 2019-20”.

This led to confusion over what the ‘new vacancies’ being referred to were — only new posts created in 2019-2020, or ‘vacancies’ created at the time of renewal of the ad hoc teachers’ 120-day contracts — which was to happen by November 20. As a result, several colleges had not extended renewal of appointments of ad hoc teachers or released their salaries. The changes effectively put a deadline of mid 2020 for filling up permanent vacancies. It also means ad hoc teachers who had been working this year can continue till then.

For the post of assistant professor, candidates were awarded two points for each year of experience but could only be awarded a maximum of 10 marks under that head. This meant those with more than five years of experience would not be awarded for their additional years of experience.

It has been decided that maximum points under this head shall be increased to 20, while points awarded for holding a PhD shall be reduced by 10. “It is expected that with the above changes, all adhoc/temporary/contract teachers with requisite eligibility, and have taught/have been teaching in the current academic session … would be shortlisted for interview for permanent positions,” said a statement by the MHRD.
DUTA said the strike and current boycott of duties for end-semester exams will continue.