NET Enrollment ratio of primary level is more than 90 % in 18 states

By Venisha Sah

New Delhi. Net enrollment ratio (NER) of primary level in schools in the 18 states and union territories of the country is more than 90 percent while enrollment of primary level in Sikkim, Nagaland and Jammu and Kashmir has decreased. Among the larger states, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh have the lowest net enrollment ratio of primary level while Sikkim and Nagaland are the lowest among the smaller states. This has been disclosed in the School Education Quality Index.

In the School Education Quality Index released by NITI Aayog, an adjusted analysis of the net enrollment ratio of primary level in the year 2016-17 based on the year 2015-16, which shows the total number of students enrolled in a particular phase of school education, based on the population. The report shows a net enrollment ratio by percentage. The data given in this report shows that the adjusted enrollment of primary level is more than 90.0 percent in 18 states and union territories. 

In contrast, primary level enrollment is lowest in Nagaland, Sikkim and Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh. According to the report, the figure of 20 big states of the country has come out which is very shocking because according to the report, Assam and Bihar are at the top in the highest net enrollment ratio at the primary level. Bihar has 99.6 percent and Assam 99 percent while Tamil Nadu stands third with 96.9 percent. 

Among the major states, Jammu Kashmir has the lowest enrollment that is only 67.3 percent and Uttar Pradesh has a net enrollment ratio of 79.8 percent. While the lowest primary level enrollment ratio in small states is 68.9 percent in Sikkim and 76.7 percent in Nagaland.

Among the states whose net enrollment ratio of primary level is above 90 percent in primary level net enrollment ratio, which includes 95.9 percent of Himachal Pradesh, 95.7 percent of Karnataka, 94.7 percent of Orissa, 93.3 percent of Chhattisgarh, 93.2 percent of Kerala, 91.9 percent of Punjab, 91.8 percent of Maharashtra and 91.1 percent of Gujarat. 

Among the smaller states, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Manipur have a net enrollment ratio of 100 percent, while Arunachal Pradesh has a net enrollment ratio of 99.9 percent and Goa's 97.3 percent.
Among the seven union territories of the country, the capital Delhi is the only state where the primary level net enrollment ratio is 100 percent while the lowest is Lakshadweep where the net enrollment ratio is 79 percent. 

In other union territories, Dadar and Nagar Haveli have a net enrollment ratio of 86.9 percent, Puducherry 82.8 percent, Chandigarh 82.7 percent, Andaman Nicobar 82.2 percent and Daman and Diu 79.9 percent.