CBSE Asks Principals To Come Up With Annual 'Pedagogical Plans

NEW DELHI: CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education, the national level education body, has asked the school principals in their capacity as 'Pedagogical Leaders' to come up with an annual plan for the current academic session. The Board has asked the principals to upload their annual pedagogical plans by September 30, 2019.

The principals have to take up the role of s leader of learning who must seek out the best of the knowledge they can find for their students and develop a team delivering effective instruction, according to CBSE Chairperson, Anita Karwal IAS.

"Hence, a Pedagogical Leader must shape a 'vision of success for all students by ensuring positivity among everyone In school, making the school environment conducive for education, cultivating leadership in others, improving instructional practices and managing data and administrative processes to foster qualitative improvement," a letter from the Chairperson said.

Based on CBSE Affiliation Bye-laws, the Board has now asked the principals to design an annual pedagogical plan.

"Pedagogical Plans imbibe all thinking, preparation and steps of execution involved in making each stage of curriculum transaction (setting learning objectives, preparing lesson plans, transaction, assessment, identifying outcomes of learning of each student through assessment) meaningful and comprehensible for students," suggestive guidelines regarding the pedagogical plan says.

"These plans are the systematic plans prepared by a teacher for fruitfully engaging students in the classroom and outside the classroom for scholastic and co-scholastic areas of the curriculum," the guidelines suggest.

It also said the principal will combine all annual pedagogical plans of all teachers of all grades and subjects of the school into an Annual Pedagogical Plan of the school.

The Board mandated Learning Outcome-based teaching-learning process for all its schools in January 2019.