Children's talent getting a fliying in theatre workshop

IGNCA (Ministry of culture) and Udaan-The Centre of Theatre Art & Child Development jointly organised Children Theatre Workshop 

New Delhi.  Children's talent is getting a phenomenal boost at Child Theater Training Camp organized by Indira Gandhi National Center (Ministry of culture) and Udaan-The Center of theater, Art and Child Development . In the camp where children's mischief is being given new direction and spice , children are increasing their concentration and self-confidence through fun activities and games. It seems as if all the 150 children involved in the camp have got new wings.

Approximately 150 students of the age group 5-18 years from different scools across Delhi have enrolled for the camps being organized at Mount Abu Publics School and Mother Divine Public School, Rohini . The kids are brushing up with new skills in the genre of acting and dance thus developing  their inner talent and aspirations. This training camp is organized by  coordination of child theater specialist and performer Sanjay Tuteja, who has been organizing such child theater training camps for the past 25 years. Apart from Tuteja,  The famous film artist and a graduate of the National School of Drama, Rajesh Tiwari, phenomenal performer Tusshar Day, dancer Himani Khullar and Nisha Bartaraya, join hands  are working on the dance skills of all the participants. Aastha batra and Aabha are playing a key role in maturing and enlarging their children as well as their associates as bhanu partap, Ishmeet Kaur , bhumika,  Shefali, Sujata Gautam, Parul Kochar, Roles.

           The children and their parents involved in the camp say that this camp is a great achievement for them and groomed their childen well. Manager Rakesh Sachdeva in HDFC Bank says that his son Sathvik was very shy  before he came to the camp, but after coming to this camp there was a phenomenal increase in his confidence. The five-year-old girl Samishti used to cry every day while coming to the camp but now she is not only enjoying it but she is also playing a role in a drama. The specialty of these camps is that there are more than 100 such children who have never been so accustomed to acting before coming to the camp and  nor did they ever have the opportunity to come to the stage before coming to the camp. This camp gave them a platform to showcase their talent. After this camp, acting is becoming a part of their life and at the same time they are getting an opportunity to display their talent on the stage and the required grooming is done by proffessionals.

          All the children engaged in these camps, are preparing five plays -Gajmoksha, Paanch Choron Ka Vesh, Gudiya, Mere Papa and Abhiman. These five plays will be staged on June 23rd  at the Bal Rang Mahotsav in the auditorium of the Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts.  Sanjay Tuteja, director of Udaan-The Center of Theater Art and Child Development, explains that his purpose behind organizing such camps is to empower the new generation, to build confidence in them and to  increase their thinking power. He told that full training is given  through games and fun activites so that the interest of the children remains intact in this training and said that the special advantage of this training is that the concentration of children who are weak in education like this also increases and they become sensitive about their education and generate a sense of bigger life in them. He said that the children's smile only inspires them to organize such camps.