CBSE decides to award full marks for ‘tricky’ question in Class 12 Maths paper


Evaluators of Class 12 mathematics paper have received a circular from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) asking them to grant marks for a “tricky” question.  

The CBSE, in its corrigendum released on March 30, directed the evaluators to follow a separate marking scheme for question number 29 (set 1 and 2), question 27 (set 3).

Considering that students would get admissions based on CBSE Class 12 marks, many students are displeased on ‘giving away’ six marks and term the step as ‘unfair’. “With this new marking scheme, the students who have calculated it wrong will also get full marks and this is not justified to those who had spent extra time during maths paper on the tricky question,” a student from a Delhi school mentioned.


The notice was handed over to the evaluators on day two of the evaluation process while mostly such information reaches teachers, evaluators on day one to keep similar marking scheme.  

A mathematics teacher from Amity International School, Pushp Vihar, said, “Students who have read the questions thoroughly will get the solution of the question as 350, but others will get 80 or 60.”

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The “tricky” question from the CBSE Class 12 maths paper


Ramneek Chawla, maths teacher from Genesis Global School, Noida, said the answer for the linear programme question is 350. “There is only one answer to this question. Giving marks for wrong answer is not a wise decision,” she said.

 “The students who have answered 60 is wrong, whereas 350 will be the right answer for the question,” said a section of students who appeared in Class 12 maths this year. The candidates have also requested the CBSE to make a ‘fair evaluation’.

Meanwhile, the board clarified saying, “CBSE has a well-established policy to address the anomalies in questions papers if any, as per the advice of subject experts. In case, any anomaly is noticed in the question paper, there is a mechanism to address the issue.”

“The group preparing marking schemes makes appropriate provisions to address the anomaly in such a manner that no student is put to a disadvantageous position and the genuine interest of the student is protected. The policy is also available on Board’s website,” the board replied.

This year, many errors were spotted in CBSE exams. In class 12 mathematics question papers, another six marks question (number 26) asked students to find the area ‘above’ the x-axis in English while in the same set the Hindi translation asked students to find the area ‘around’ X-axis which also leads to confusion, however, no notice on the same has been received yet.