ICAI Changes CA Exam Pattern; Details Here

NEW DELHI: Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or ICAI, the professional organisation which conducts Chartered Accountants's examinations in India, has announced changes in CA examinations to be held in May 2019 and onwards. ICAI has listed some papers from ICAI Intermediate (New and IPC) and Final (New and Old) courses and said all those papers (refer below for the papers) will have Multiple Choice Questions or MCQs to the tune of 30 per cent marks.

A notification released by ICAI regarding the CA exams, the question papers in respect of the said papers will have two parts, Part I comprising MCQs to the tune of 30 marks (each carrying 1 to 2 marks) and Part II comprising descriptive type questions to the tune of 70

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ICAI CA exam 2019: The changes will be applied to the papers mentioned here. 

Candidates will be required to write their answers in respect of Part I of the paper (i.e. MCQs) in OMR answer sheet by darkening the appropriate circles with HB pencil and Part II of the paper ( i.e. the descriptive type questions) in the descriptive type answer book in the normal course.

The ICAI notification added that the late entry in the exam hall will be permitted upto 2.15 PM (IST), i.e. upto half an hour from the time question papers are distributed. This will be applicable to all the papers including the composite papers mentioned above. 

CA exam, according to the notification, will conclude at 5.00 PM(IST). 

"No student will be allowed to leave the exam hall before 5.00 PM(IST) even if he has completed the paper. Candidates are required to remain in their seat even if they had completed the paper. This will be applicable to all the papers including the composite papers mentioned above," the notification said. 

A candidate will be required to submit OMR answer sheet, Answer book used for answering the descriptive answers (relating to Part II) and MCQ booklet to the invigilator before leaving the exam hall, after the conclusion of the exam. 

"Non submission of the MCQ booklet to the invigilator after the conclusion of the exam, will be deemed to be an act of unfair means and will be dealt with accordingly," said the notification.

Due to the Lok Sabha elections, ICAI had earlier postponed and rescheduled the crucial Chartered Accountants (CA) exams for 2019.

The exams due to be held between May 2-17, will take place between May 27-June 12, in view of the 17th Lok Sabha elections across the country spanning seven phases from April 11.

This would include Students Examinations, Foundation Course (under New Scheme), Intermediate (IPC) Course (Old Scheme), Intermediate Course (New Scheme), Final Course under Old and New Scheme, and Members' Examination, on various dates.

The CA examinations will be conducted at 144 centres, including five at foreign locations.