Compulsory Sports Period Every Day For CBSE Students

NEW DELHI: Students in classes 1 to 8 in a CBSE-affiliated school will now have one period every day for Health and Physical Education. The announcement is in continuation of the program incorporated last year where Health and Physical Education (HPE) was introduced for class 9 to 12 students and was made mandatory for all CBSE schools. The mandatory classes will start from the upcoming academic session which will start in April 2019.
The primary focus of the Health and Physical Education (HPE) classes has to be on sports, games, and outdoor activities. 
The CBSE circular in this regard says, "The revised and updated transactional strategies, detailed guidelines and methodology for administering HPE (Health and Physical Education) to students will be available on CBSE website shortly." 
With the implementation of this rule, all CBSE-affiliated schools will now have a mandatory period for physical and health education every day for students in classes 1 to 12. 
The board had implemented compulsory period for HPE for class 9 to 12 students last year. 
"CBSE has decided to mainstream Health and Physical Education for classes IX to XII with the aim of holistic development of the child, leading to a well-balanced individual in all walks of life," board had said in a statement.