Looking to switch your career to management? Take up these online trainings  


There has been a mushroom growth of students opting for MBA in Finance, Human Resources or Marketing but most of the students enrol without a prior knowledge and experience to follow the herd. Majority of students opt for an MBA to either increase their chances of getting employed or to increase their annual income. Well, doing an MBA will help you in gaining a better knowledge about the subject but it also essential to realise your passion and opt for what you will enjoy doing.

Online training is the perfect medium to bridge the gap and realising what you can do and can make a career in. To help you understand the various trainings you could opt for before taking the plunge and embarking on a journey of management we have briefly described them below.


1.       Business Communication Skills:

This is a quintessential trait that employers actively seek. Good communication skills will give you an edge over your peers and it isn’t just restricted to having proficiency in spoken and written English but also involves interpersonal skills. The learnings will help you in acing interviews for internships, jobs or colleges and making a lasting impression on people thus progressing your career graph.

2.       MS Excel:

It is one of the most vital tools of MS office with varied uses. It can help you in solve numbers while providing a structure to your work. Every organisation uses MS Excel for the convenience it offers. Students are aware of some of the tools of MS Excel but the basic knowledge will not suffice to help progress you in your career, proficiency is necessary to make you stand out from the rest.

3.       Digital Marketing:

Promoting and selling a product after a thorough market research and analysis constitutes Marketing 101. It is a perfect skill to understand the audience and reach out to them in the most efficient way. It comprises different segments such as email marketing, web analytics, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, search engine marketing etc.

4.       Data Science: 

  To map and evaluate the reach of your business and the behaviour of the audience through algorithms and processes so as to get a better insight into the business is what Data Science is all about. This training will help put your analytical skills to good use and churn out the numbers that will help your organisation grow.

5.       Basic trading and investing skills:

Have you ever wondered what the stock market is like and if you could get a higher return? Well, if the answer is yes then you should opt for this training. It will provide you with the basic knowledge of trading and investment while letting the entrepreneur in you take risks.

These trainings will help you get an idea of what MBA holds for you. It is a blended learning to help you understand the basics and garnish the skills already attained. You will be able to start your management career way before students who opt for an MBA thus giving you an edge while applying for internships or jobs and bolster the skills gained.

Courtesy: Sarvesh Agrawal is founder & CEO of Internshala