Ahmedabad school returns post-dated cheques of annual fee to parents

Calorx Public School in Ghatlodia has started returning to parents the post-dated cheques that it collected in March to encash annual fee of over Rs 31,000. The Indian Express on June 19 had reported that several schools, including Calorx, already charging higher than the stipulated limit in the newly enacted fee regulation Act, collected the entire annual school fee in the form of post-dated cheques.

As per the Gujarat Self-Financed Schools (Regulations of Fees) Act 2017, the schools can only take fee of one quarter a decision on their fee structure by the fee regulatory committees. “On Wednesday, the school principal asked us to take back the remaining three post-dated cheques. We have been asked to collect the cheques before July 1. Also, they have promised to return the excess amount of fee for the quarter deposited by us in case the FRC decided to lower the existing school fee,” said a parent, who visited the school on Wednesday.

The school has also said that parents were free to pay the remaining fee whenever they wish and the school would not force them for the same, shared another parent.

The Indian Express had reported that while the parents have already deposited four post-dated cheques, of which one quarter fee was already been encashed, they were being asked to pay another installment.

School spokesperson Unmesh Dixit said: “Some parents approached Calorx Public School, Ghatlodia. The school management is waiting for government instructions for next quarter fees payment.” He, however, declined to comment on the return of cheques. As per the fee circular (2017-18) circulated among parents, Calorx Public School had asked them to pay Rs 7,838 as “tuition fee and annual charges” quarterly, demanding four post dated cheques for April, July, October and January 2018. The late fee of Rs 300 per month for tuition and the transport fee were being charged separately.

As per the current fee structure, Calorx Public School charges Rs 500 for admission forms and Rs 2,000 as processing and documentation fee — in addition to the one-time admission fee of Rs 21,500 (includes 19,000 non-refundable admission fee and Rs 2500 refundable caution money). For existing students, the annual school fee is Rs 31,300 for pre-primary to Class V.

input from indian express