The role of the school is not only giving academic knowledge but it's also to give the great wisdom of life. The lesson of love and value of the family members is being taught to the children. The Grandparents are their true friends, they spend their happy moments with their grandpa and grandma. Grandparents play with children, give life lessons, priceless gifts and memories. To acknowledge their role in the life of children SR Capital School celebrated Grandparent's day in the school on 20th October 2018 in the school premises. The students performed in front of their grandparents. They expressed their love for them. The games for Grandparents were organized in the event. The school feels immense pleasure to see the Happiness on the face of Grandparents. It was an awesome day for the grandparents, children, teachers, and staff of the school. Their blessings are the most valuable award for the school.