Parents, school management argue over fee structure

There were heated arguments between parents and management of St Joseph’s Senior Secondary School at a meeting held on Friday over the new fee structure. The parents also gave in writing that the school needs to first show its two years expenditure so that they can help frame the fee structure accordingly. The school management called a parents’ meeting in pursuance to the court order dated April 19 regarding fee structure. Only three parents out of 50, who approached the court, were allowed to attend the meeting and the rest were called in the meeting by a draw system conducted by the school authorities.

Parvesh Kumar Saini, a parent present in the meeting, said: “The school authorities admitted that they earn anywhere between Rs 50,000 and Rs 70,000 per student annually and the strength of school is approximately 3,000 students. That means the school is earning over Rs 16 crore. We want to know how much have the school authorities spent on infrastructure and other facilities in the last two years so that we can give our consent regarding the fee hike. The school authorities refused to divulge any details about it.”

Last year, total fee for Class IV was Rs 15,000 an this year it is Rs 16,300. “If the school authorities do not indulge in commercialisation and profiteering then they should not have any problem in giving the details. Moreover, since the land has been provided to the trust of St Joseph Education and Charitable Trust on lease by the government, they should use it on no profit no loss basis,” said Sarvjit Singh, another parent present in the meeting.  The meeting lasted nearly for two hours.

The parents also tried to explain to the school authorities that they cannot settle the fee structure without consulting the parents as has been mentioned in the affiliation bylaws of CBSE. “We are ready to negotiate if the expenses of the school are high and are spending on the upliftment of the school. At least they need to show us where they are spending the money,” said Anamika, a parent of a ward studying in St Joesph School.

with input from indian express