Second day of “Sanjari: Ek Bharat-Shresth Bharat” 8th series,

IGNCA’s monthly folk song series

Folk artist from Manipur and Jharkhand performed in second day of

 8th series of “Sanjari: Ek Bharat-Shresth Bharat”


Folk artists of Manipur and Jharkhand performed in the second day of the 8th "Sanjari: Ek Bharat-Shresth Bharat" a monthly folk song series organized by the Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts (IGNCA). IGNCA started a monthly folk song series “Sanjari: EK Bharat-Shresth Bharat” from its 30th foundation, this month IGNCA organising 8th series of “Sanjari” from 18 July to 20 July, in which folk artist of Assam and Madhay Pradesh performed in first day. In the second day. In the second day of this series the famous folk artist of Manipur Ms. Bedabati Lorembam and famous folk singer from Jharkhand Padamshree Shri Mukund Nayak presented their folk songs.

In the beging of the event Padamshree Mukun Nayak said “I’m very thankful to IGNCA for providing me this stage in Delhi, I want to say something to our young genration please dont forget your culture and language. 

In 2017 Shri Mukund Nayak received Padamshree award from the Govt. of India for the excellent work in the fields of Art and Culture and Ms. Bedabati Lorembam received Manipur State Kala Kala Academy award in 2011 from the Govt. of Mannipur. She performed more than a 500 programs in India and abroad. Today she sang “Khunugishei” traditional folk song of Maitai community of Manipur. The songs of ‘Khunungaishei’ have been transmitted from one generation to another in the form of oral tradition, which has no script. This song was sung by men and women for expressing the beauty of nature and mutual love of each other’s.

Bedbati sang the three songs of 'Khunungaishei', in which she sang "Loktak Sheithaba Ishei", in which depicting the beauty of Loktak lake. After this, she sang "Lungkaishei" and in the end of the performance she sang the famous folk song of Matai community "Khullangishei".

Padmashri Mukund Nayak started his performanace with ‘Raag Mardani Jhoomar’, whose words were "Riddhi-Siddi Sharda ke .." The second song was in Raga ‘Daeed in Nagpuriya language; the lyrics were "Kavane Kasure Daya Veerahlay More Piya". Mukund Nayak sang total of 7 folk songs with his team. The especiality of the these traditional songs is that their raga’s are fixed on the basis of their rhythm and style.

In the last day of the this 8th series held on 20 July folk artist of Nagaland and Gujrat will be performed, in this event entry is free and open for all.