PG Diplopma in Cultrual Informatics, Preventive Conservation, Digital Library etc.                               

It is matter of great pleasure that IGNCA has decided to introduce five diploma courses in art and culture and related subjects. The basic aim of these courses is to create arts and culture with all its dimension and information technology to design and develop content exploration system to intensify culture learning and visualisation. It employees modern digital tools, techniques, and methodologies to achieve these intended purposes. An attempt has been made through these courses to make our ancient knowledge and achievements accessible on a multimedia platform, thus enabling communication between the ancient and modern knowledge.

To attract the people towards Indian art and to nurture trained manpower in the related fields, IGNCA is running the following one year Post Graduate Diploma evening courses in the academic year 2018-19:

  1. PG Diploma in Cultural Informatics
  2. PG Diploma in Preventive Conservation
  3. PG Diploma in Buddhist Studies
  4. PG Diploma in Digital Library and Data Management
  5. PG Diploma in Manuscriptology and Palaeography


In addition to the above courses, IGNCA is introducing 6 new Certificate Courses shortly:

  1. Academic Integrity and Research Ethics
  2. Open Access for Library and Information Science Professionals
  3. Open Access for Researchers
  4. Digital Library and Information Management
  5. Research Methodology
  6. Cinema Studies and Cultural Documentation


The above courses will provide an opportunity to scholars, researchers and the students to have a modern management technique and professional approach, so far lacking in the art management field to put forth rich art and cultural heritage of the country on a global platform.


IGNCA will provide internship/Freeship to the meritorious students enrolled in Post Graduate Diploma courses.