Interactive and motivational session at ASN

New Delhi. ASN Senior Secondary School, Mayur Vihar-1 recently conducted an interactive and motivational session for the school staff. The day commenced with a formal Indian accord given to the eminent speakers for the day. The honourable guests were Dr S.H. Toh,  Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, Canada; Ms Lea Espallardo, APCEIU is associated with Theatre in Education at Philippines; Dr. M.V.S.V. Prasad, Assistant Professor at Department of Curriculum Studies, NCERT.

The topic of discussion was 'Education for Peace' which is the need of the hour. Peace Education encompasses sustainable development, learning to live together, intercultural understanding, communication skills and respectful attitude towards others need.

Dr S.H. Tohelucidated thatPeace Education aims to help students acquire skills for nonviolent resolution and to reinforce these skills for active and responsible action in the society for the promotion of the values for peace. He said that, “Education is the only Solution’.
Ms Lea Espallardo,conducted an activity with the members of the staff to show the relevance of 3Hs - Head, Heart and Hand.  Through this activity she expressed her views on the importance of critical thinkers along with emotions connected  to humans to be put in action with a humane touch. She said that, “Students should be encouraged to articulate their choices and their dignity should be maintained at all times.”
Sh. MVSV Prasad said that Peace Education is the integral part of the curriculum  as students are not just the citizens of any one country but of the universe.
Ms. Sonia Luthra, School Principal thanked the speakers for their valuable inputs. She concluded by saying that ‘Teachers are the nurturers and the guiding force behind every student. They are the ones who hold their hands in present and lead them to a safe and peaceful future ahead.