By Swagatika Sahoo

In this pandemic where no one can afford to go outside and risk their life and work. Everything has to be done at home. Exams has been cancelled or postpone in almost every university.Where people are doing work from home, Odisha’s very popular private Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology(KIIT) university has presented e-learning which can help many tribal students.

Niranjan Bishi the general secretary of Odisha adivashi kalyan mahasangha has convey his gratitude to Dr achyuta samanta founder of KIIT university for presenting e learning education to 30 thousands tribal students kalinga TV during this pandemic.

He tweeted We conveys gratitude to Dr Achyuta Samanta founder KIIT university , for imparting E learning education to 30 thousands tribal students by Kalinga TV, On line during pandemic COVID 19. Odisha Adivashi Kalyan Mahasangha”

This initiative motive is to help the underprivileged students and educate them in this pandemic so that they don’t waste this year.