JAUNISM : Dedication to Jaun Elia 

New Delhi.:  Inkmythoughts* - 'A parallel creative world for all forms of art' took another leap forward and moved to its next event " JAUNISM - An event dedicated to Jaun Elia"  at antiSOCIAL, Hauz Khas, Delhi. 
Jaun Elia (14 December 1931 – 8 November 2002) was a poet, philosopher, biographer, and scholar. He was the brother of Rais Amrohvi and Syed Muhammad Taqi, who were journalists and psychoanalysts. He was fluent in Urdu, Arabic, English, Persian, Sanskritand Hebrew. One of the most eminent modern poet, popular for his unconventional ways, he "acquired knowledge of philosophy, logic, Islamic history, the Muslim Sufi tradition, Muslim religious sciences, Western literature, and Kabbala.
Shashank Shukla 'Baaz' organizer and Co-Founder of Inkmythoughts is highly influenced by Jaun Elia, the poet is renowned for poetry which has extreme pain and element of madness in it along with the core concepts of life. Shashank’s love for Jaun Elia and his poetry is the major inspiration behind this event.
After the unpareil success of their first three event of the series dedicated to Jaun Elia named as 'Jaun Elia Aur Hum' ,'Phir Se Jaun Phir Se Hum' ,'Aur Kaun Jaun' the team has decided to make it different and enthralling this time.
Event commenced by recitation of Jaun Elia's poetry by Sharad Sharma from Jaipur who brought captivating content of Jaun Elia's poetry like "han muhabbat ek dhokha hi to hai, Ab kabhi dokha na khaana fareha" to audience which was 
followed by recitation and talk on Jaun Elia's conception of love and poetry by Tasneef Haider in which he took a few lines of Elia's poetry like, 
"Na hua naseeb qaraar e jaaN, havas e qaraar bhi ab nahiN,,Tera intezaar bahut kiya, tera intezaar bhi ab nahiN" to pour his ideas to listeners. Further, 
Ankit Gautam as guest poet, recited his own ghazal and nazm, which spellbound the audience. His nazm "apne andar jaaenge aaj, us hisse ko qatl karenge jis hisse me rehti hai wo..." was an apt piece to end his session.
Singer Raman Chaudhary composed 8 ghazals of Jaun Elia and mesmerized every soul by his melody dipped notes by presenting gazals like "sar hi ab fodiye nadamat me, neend aane lagi hai furqat me" and "phalaa'N se thi behtar ghazal phalaa'N ki, phalaa'N se zakhm acche the phalaa'N ke"The event was greatly  supported by Mybooks Publication
Event was a bliss for all poetry and shayari lovers. The best thing about event is that it gives free entry to everyone, which doesn't constrain any art lover to enjoy. The main motive of event was to inspire young poets and writers to read more and get inclined towards art. Art is something which blossoms when shared. Such events just provide nourishment to young artists and also bring them close to renowned poets.