Himachal Pradesh has highest ratings in reading and maths: ASER 2016

The Annual Status Education Report (ASER) 2016 found that Himachal Pradesh is doing well in many regards, on the education front, as compared to the rest of the states. It has the country’s highest reading and mathematics learning levels, shooting past even Kerala, which has an almost spotless track record of maintaining its position as the most literate state.

Himachal Pradesh has the highest rate of children who can read a standard II level of text in the country. This stands at 47 per cent for standard III level of learning, a 70.5 per cent for standard V and an 87.9 per cent for standard VIII.



Even in mathematics, the students of the state are faring better than most of the nation. Although it came up second after Manipur in the standard III level of learning in mathematics, it maintained the highest rates for standards V and VIII at 53.7 and 59.2 per cent. This puts the state on the highest ranking in

The state also has the enrollment rate of 99.8 per cent for children aged between 6 and 14. The report was conducted across 15,630 government schools in Rural India, 283 of which were in Himachal Pradesh.