Cluster University offered web based counselling

By Aditi Rathi

Jammu. Cluster University of Jammu is offering online mental health support to deal with the psychological impact of covid-19 outbreak. The counselling service will be offered online through web based counselling. Counselling centre of the university willl hold this service. The centre using WHO  other professional guidelines has developed a covid-19 counselling protocol .

Tele counselling is an Amazing and worthwhile support system  particularly at the time of crisis. Crisis counselling is what's needed in the wake of covid-19 pandemic.

The University consistently updates and take recommendations from the WHO and centre for disease control and prevention. Things are been closely monitored by the centre to ensure that the safest and most appropriate actions are being taken care of by a task force team for the students staff and the community.

The university is creating change in ways that are both innovative and equitable. Safety of working group to monitor and promote the mental health issues and concerns of students to facilitate providing of support to address the mental health and psychosocial aspects during and after covid-19. 24 × 7 helpline will be managed by the resource resource pool of councillors . By establishing the crisis counselling assistance services to the affected people and to the families the university's crisis counselling will help them regain control of their anxieties and effectively respond to disaster.