CBSE Class XII students unhappy with ‘back-to-back’ papers in exam schedule

The timetable of the CBSE Class XII board exams has given students, parents and even academicians much to complain about. Students said the “back-to-back” exam schedule is not going to leave them much time for revisions. Those in the humanities stream seem to have the toughest exam schedule: their psychology exam is on April 5, political science exam is on April 6 and legal studies exam is on April 7.

Dinesh Rath, a Class XII student, said it was stressful to take the “lengthy” political science exam after the psychology paper. “Political science is quite a vast subject… we have nearly 20 chapters. There is not even a one-day gap between the exams, which is unfair. By the time we complete the psychology paper and come back home, half the day is gone. We barely get a few hours, and that too if we don’t rest at all. In my class, most students are not happy with the exam schedule… we have heard that students in other cities have written to the government, urging it to change the schedule…,” he said.

Even science students are not particularly happy with the schedule, as they get only one day between their English and physics papers. “Physics is not just a lengthy subject but a very important one… we need at least three days to revise properly… we don’t even mind if they swap the two subjects, scheduling the physics paper first and English later… But we are thankful that they didn’t mess up our timetable, like they did with humanities students, who have papers with no breaks,” said Sanchit Srivastva, a Class XII science student.

Neelam Chakraborty, principal of DPS School, said it would have been better if CBSE had given breaks between the crucial papers. “It’s not that students go for last-minute learning… it’s more of a psychological issue… a couple of days’ break puts the student’s mind to rest,” she said.

Binita Poonekar, principal of Army Public School, Pune, offered a possible explanation for the packed timetable, “If you study it closely, you will see that the day there is no Class XII paper, there is a Class X exam scheduled. The board also has to complete the exam process in time, so that students can prepare for the competitive exams… A gap between papers is desirable… but maybe the dates do not permit it,” she said.

From Indian Express