IIT Kharagpur Students Win Gold In Inter IIT Tech Meet 2018

KOLKATA:  Students of IIT Kharagpur have won gold in the Inter IIT Tech Meet 2018 which saw the highest ever participation of 19 IITs in any Inter IIT event. The students from IITKGP scored 832.1052632 points, followed by IIT Roorkee (668.4210526) and IIT Madras (650), an IITKGP statement said quoting the students' newspaper at the premier institution.

The focus of the 2018 Inter IIT Tech Meet was to offer quick solutions to common problems faced by the peole. The competition had 10 events including Engineer's Conclave, Exoplanet Detection and Automatic Toilet Cleaning.

A hackathon was held on developing an orbital simulator while a case study focussed on issues related to agriculture, health care, defence services, energy efficient technologies, the statement said.

These included solutions for safety device for fishing vessels, technology for upgrading gear of soldiers, warehouse inventory check through an unmanned aerial vehicle and countering ransomware which could delete inventory data.

Some of the projects showcased by IITKGP students are bomb retriever and universal terrain explorer, low-cost blind E-book reader and stick, technology for reusable polymeric pellets replacing the heavy use of water and detergent in the laundry, the statement said.

Some other projects included a device for harvesting ocean wave for energy use, microneedles for painless drug administration, waterless toilet etc.

The event was held from January 5-7 2018 at IIT Madras with challenges hosted by various research institutions and industrial houses such BARC, TCS, Cochin Shipyard, DRDO, the statement said.

Prof. William Mohanty, President of Technology Students' Gymkhana, the nerve centre of students' activities at IITKGP said, "IIT Kharagpur Tech contingent attempted some of the challenging issues and excelled in solving them against the best brains of the nation."

IIT KGP team leader Rishabh Kumar Shrivastava said, "We won by huge margins in the real-life problem statements that were put forward by various industries."